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Jan 18 02

The Key to Robotic Picking is to Learn Like a Baby

Markus Schmidt, President Swisslog WDS Americas 02. Jan 2018


Machine learning is key to the future of robotic item picking. But how will it overcome the three V’s of volume, velocity and veracity? The key may be in mimicking how babies learn.

Dec 17 11

Robot Swarms and the Decentralized Future of the Warehouse

Samuel Schärer 11. Dec 2017


The current reliance on centralized system architectures has served the industry well. But distributed and decentralized intelligence, fueled by the Internet of Things and machine learning, is the wave of the future.

Nov 17 27

The Industrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.0: What’s the Difference and Does it Matter?

Dr. Kerstin Höfle 27. Nov 2017


The Industrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 are often used interchangeably. We take a look at the differences and address the question: do they matter?

Nov 17 07

Not All AutoStore Deployments are Created Equal: Five Ways to Optimize Your AutoStore System

Nicole Niephaus 07. Nov 2017


With 85 AutoStore systems implemented globally, Swisslog offers five ways to optimize the deployment, operation and expansion of AutoStore systems.

Oct 17 25

As Pace of Last Mile Delivery Quickens, Distance Could Shorten

Ed Finkel 25. Oct 2017


Learn what the emergence of highly automated urban fulfillment centers means to last mile delivery. Swisslog’s Senior Director of Business Development shares his perspective in this guest blog from the NAIOP Commercial Real Estate Development Association.

Oct 17 18

You’ve Never Heard of the Internet of Goods, but Chances Are You’re Already Part of It.

Tom Rentschler 18. Oct 2017

Internet of Things

Introducing the “Internet of Goods,” the rapid digitization of the production, sorting and movement of physical products.

Sep 17 26

Using Real-Time Data to Improve Warehouse Operations

Dr. Kerstin Höfle 26. Sep 2017


Collecting, analyzing and visualizing real-time data is key to achieving the promise of Industry 4.0. Condition monitoring is delivering on that promise today. Find out how.

Aug 17 11

Warming up to Cold Storage Automation

Nicko Lu 11. Aug 2017

Single-, double-, triple- and multi-depth layouts

The business case for automation in cold storage warehouses is strong, but adoption is low. Find out how new modular automation solutions simplify implementation and accelerate ROI.

Jul 17 06

Is the Sorter the Cause of E-Commerce Fulfillment Disorder?

A.K. Schultz 06. Jul 2017


Automated sortation systems once represented the state-of-the-art in warehouse technology. But they can’t deliver the flexibility e-tailers now require and are being displaced by mobile, modular solutions.

Jun 17 26

Industry 4.0: Promising Warehouse Applications for Virtual and Augmented Reality

Dr. Kerstin Höfle 26. Jun 2017


Virtual and augmented reality are bringing new capabilities to warehouse management software. But that’s just the beginning. We’re looking for your ideas on the most promising future applications for this technology.

May 17 24

Four Ways to Future-Proof Your Warehouse

Michael Howes 24. May 2017

SynQ Blog

Four attributes warehouse technology must have to protect against obsolescence and help future proof your warehouse.

May 17 08

Can E-Commerce Fulfillment Technology Bring New Flexibility and Visibility to Automotive Intralogistics?

Terry Krantz, 08. May 2017


Automotive intralogistics is being revolutionized by flexible automation strategies that reduce storage space and provide virtual management of work-in-progress.

Apr 17 24

Industry 4.0: How Virtualization is Changing Warehouse Operations

Dr. Kerstin Höfle 24. Apr 2017


Virtualization is a key component of Industry 4.0 that is available today. Find out how it is changing warehouse management.

Apr 17 12

Is Warehouse Management Software Obsolete?

Michael Howes 12. Apr 2017

SynQ Blog

Swisslog’s new SynQ software is more than what you think of when you hear “WMS.” It’s an integrated intralogistics software platform that offers opportunities to gain insights and better manage the operation in ways typical WMS systems cannot. By combining warehouse management capabilities with the real-time execution of a warehouse control system, and adding in the intelligence gained from the data, you have a system that can revolutionize your operations.

Mar 17 17

Robotic Picking and the Beauty of Human Hand-Eye Coordination

A.K. Schultz 17. Mar 2017


The human hand still beats the robot when it comes to picking, but the gap is closing fast. Learn how robots are tackling this complex challenge and how close we are to commercial viability of robots that can pick any object from any place.

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